Wax Scent List

Blue Dream - refreshing verbena, exotic woods of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood, mixed with a rich floral fantasy.

Breakfast in Bed - warm homemade waffles topped with sweet pumpkin maple syrup and fluffy vanilla cream.

Bohemian Rhapsody - ripened strawberries, vibrant oranges, and creamy vanilla.

Camp Anawanna - earthy spices mixed with warm, sweet, sugared vanilla.

EnchantMINT - creamed peppermint and rich cocoa, kissed with nutty vanilla cake.

Free People - earthy hints of patchouli and sandalwood, mixed with shimmering mint and sparkling lime.

Miss Mary Mack - mouth watering, juicy, sweet and ripe black cherries.

My Boyfriends Hoodie - fresh clean linens kissed with amber, cardamom, clove, and vanilla musk.

Pure Imagination - warm tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake, mixed with a fascinating juicy blend of sugary candy.

Rock Candy - the indescribable deliciousness of sour fruits mixed with sugary raspberry and blackberry.

Rollin with the Homies - an explosive blend of fruit mixed with hints of citrus, icy peppermint, and sugar.

Suga Mama - lemon tart drizzled with sweet vanilla and fresh baked sugar cookies.

The Snuggle Is Real - fresh linens hang drying on a breezy day mixed with a cuddly brand new baby boy or girl.

U Had Me At Halo - a citrus and musk blend kissed with floral, whipped vanilla and raw sugar cane.

Wakie Bakie - crisp cinnamon apples, creamy warm vanilla cake, and sweet lemon glaze kissed with rich floral notes.