I Calm in Peace

I Calm in Peace

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Earth to YOU... you will love this whipped body scrub! I Calm In Peace is the perfect whipped body scrub for relaxation. It is a great twist on traditional lavender and is strong, but not overbearing. Lavender lovers will appreciate it as well as those who don't love lavender as much. This scrub is a delight for all of your senses and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Exfoliate, moisturize, and literally feel happy at the same time!


This listing is for one 9 oz scrub.

Elements: organic cane sugar, glycerin, water, sorbitol, sodium cooly/lauroyl isethionate, disodium laurel sulfosuccinate, salt, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium, edta, organic shea butter, fragrance, mica